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Over 3.5 billion adults lack an understanding of basic financial concepts, followed by over 1.7 billion adults worldwide who don't have access to a bank account. We have built a community learning model that educates and creates financial independence.

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We believe that anyone, regardless of where they are in the world, can use blockchain as a vehicle to create wealth for themselves and their communities. Join now and start learning!

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Learn efficiently with a solid Web3 foundation

We serve our students by providing an abundance of resources through BEN Learn's portal with courses such as Crypto Taxes, Intro to Virtual Land, DeFi and many more. We empower students to host workshops at their universities, and build their network while cultivating communities and creating career opportunities.

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BEN Learn is an online educational portal with video lessons and tutorials, and other resources to learn more.

Are you looking to connect with other students, traders, and entrepreneurs in the space? We offer unique group chats to connect, share ideas, and even trading tips.

Blockchain Basics. Trading Cryptocurrency. Music NFTs, Metaverse. All Crypto. All in one interface.
Learn about Bitcoin
Learn about Ethereum
Learn about Stablecoins
Programming in Solidity
The Metaverse
Presenting some of our most popular courses:
Solidity Fundamentals
  • A hands-on course for mastering fundamental concepts of the Solidity programming language.
  • Learn the basics, as well as how to build smart contracts and dApps from scratch.
Intro to the Metaverse
  • Take a deep dive into understanding how the Metaverse works! Learn how to trade, sell, collect, buy, and create unique NFTs.
  • Includes a specialization in virtual reality and virtual land; join now and start your journey to a new future in the Metaverse!

Turn your fiat or crypto into education for the next generation.

Our vision is that anyone, regardless of where they are in the world, will be able to use blockchain as a vehicle to create wealth for themselves and their communities. Donate now and start learning!
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