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🔑 What's Included in my membership?📅 Access to Conferences

✅ ETHGlobal
Connecting Ethereum enthusiasts worldwide.

✅ Pragma
Exploring the future of blockchain technology.

✅ Messari Mainnet
Unveiling insights and innovations in the crypto world.

✅ Bitcoin 2024
Shaping the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

✅ ETH Miami
Celebrating Ethereum's impact on the tech world.

✅ The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference
Exploring Bitcoin's potential and applications.

✅ Solana Breakpoint
Discovering Solana's breakthroughs in blockchain.

✅ Paris Blockchain Week
Showcasing the Parisian blockchain ecosystem.

✅ Cosmosverse 2023
Exploring the cosmos of decentralized networks.

✅ WebSummit
The global technology conference of the year.

🤝 Networking

✅ Access to a global community of blockchain enthusiasts
✅ Online discussions about AI, NFTs, day trading, and more...
✅ Opportunities to share your project
✅ Get feedback, mentorship, investors, and co-founders

📚 Resources

✅ Guides,and resources
✅ Airdrop alerts and job listings

📈 Market Analysis

✅ Exclusive insights from industry experts
✅ Deep dive analysis on specific projects

💼 Your Network is Your Net Worth

Attending conferences is a game-changer. Aspiring entrepreneurs and investors gain invaluable insights.

Events serve as knowledge nexuses, highlighting trends and best practices in angel investing.

Networking opportunities abound connecting attendees with industry leaders and potential partners.

For startups, these gatherings are goldmines leading to potential funders and strategic collaborations.

🗣️ What our members say?
Ramiro, a visionary from Argentina, was introduced to the transformative power of Bitcoin during a time of economic uncertainty in his homeland.
Driven by a passion for change and a belief in the potential of decentralized technologies, he ventured into the world of cryptocurrency, seeking innovative solutions to traditional financial challenges.
It was during this exploration that he encountered the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). This association with BEN became a turning point in his journey. Through BEN, Ramiro was exposed to a global community of blockchain enthusiasts, educators, and innovators.
The network and resources provided by BEN empowered him, broadening his horizons and offering opportunities to collaborate on groundbreaking projects.
Today, Ramiro attributes a significant part of his success in the crypto realm to the foundation and connections he built through BEN.

Alex Kim, once a young individual, discovered Bitcoin and blockchain's potential in high school.

At Bentley University, he delved deeper into these technologies, becoming known as "Crypto Kim".

During his time at Bentley, he encountered the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). This association was a pivotal moment, connecting him to an international community.

Through BEN, Alex fortified his network and embraced the importance of borderless education, amplifying his impact in the blockchain realm.

"Initially intrigued by the vast potential of blockchain, my involvement with BEN solidified my belief in the power of education within the crypto space."

"Through BEN I not only deepened my knowledge but also connected with influential figures in the industry, opening doors to internships and potential job roles."

"The organization's commitment to fostering a knowledgeable community resonated deeply with me, emphasizing the importance of education in driving mass adoption of blockchain.

Zardo, an entrepreneurship student from UCL, attended the DeFi Live conference courtesy of BEN. This experience not only enriched his understanding of the DeFi and NFT landscapes but also expanded his professional network. He emphasizes the pivotal role of events like these in nurturing the blockchain domain, showcasing BEN's commitment to bridging education with real-world opportunities.

"At the end of the day, BEN is all about networking."

"If it wasn't for joining BEN with George and Ben Young, I wouldn't be where I am. Because of BEN, I met key figures like Ashen, Antonio, and Eric."

"Now, I feel like I have a family in the blockchain space, a crucial support system in a challenging domain."

"I'm confident that I can reach out to these connections whenever I face an issue, knowing they'll assist. It truly feels like a family, making the blockchain journey much more navigable and enriching."

Timing is pivotal in venture capital. Early investments can lead to exponential returns.

Our Director Antonio knows this firsthand. He was among the first to explore Sam Altman's Worldcoin in Lisbon at an ETH Global event.

Such early access is invaluable. It offers LPs the potential returns they seek, positioning the fund at the forefront of venture capital innovation.

Ever since, our alumni have founded some of the most valuable companies in the space:

BEN has created over a billion dollars in value from its network. Our aim is to create and capture even more value in the decade to come.

🌱 Projects Our Alumni Has Founded

Optimism is an Ethereum-based decentralized infrastructure platform allowing for instant transactions and scalable smart contracts. (Market Cap: ~1.1Bil)

Injective Protocol (INJ) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol offering features like cross-chain margin trading, derivatives, Forex (FX), synthetics, and futures trading. (Market Cap: ~650Mil)

Bolt develops a checkout experience platform assisting retailers in converting and retaining more shoppers. Bolt raised $355 million at an $11 billion valuation from investors including BlackRock.

Roll is a social token infrastructure for the creator economy, enabling users to earn, redeem, send, and trade social tokens across the internet.

IOTA is a unique distributed ledger, using Tangle instead of blockchain, where nodes confirm transactions. (Market Cap: ~3B)

Augur is a decentralized prediction market on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling users to stake digital assets on real-world event outcomes. (Market Cap: ~472Mil)

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