What is BEN Learn?

Are you new to Blockchain? Trading Cryptocurrency? Developing Solidity? Looking for a deep dive on DeFi? We have the platform for everyone and anyone trying to learn more about a topic in the Blockchain industry.
Created by knowledgeable Blockchain professors, experienced Blockchain professionals, and some of the best educators in the space, you can trust our content is top notch.
You can earn Blockchain-based certificates (also works for LinkedIn), get rewarded with Cryptocurrencies for learning, or even get a job in the space with companies hiring our graduates.
What is there to learn
Available courses
Blockchain Fundamentals
DeFi Fundamentals
Crypto Trading
Solidity Development
How to set up Metamask
How to start a Blockchain club
Share what you know with the world


Whether you’re a professor at an accredited University, an Alumni of a BEN University, or even an experienced professional in the industry with a unique topic. BEN Learn relies mainly on volunteers helping to create content, especially in the early stages of our platform, so your help would be greatly appreciated. Share what you know with the world today, as we make it super simple to create and upload a course!

We invite anyone interested in creating a course on BEN Learn to fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can with whether we can support your course.

Our Vision

The 10:10 Plan

Largely with the help of the BEN Learn Platform, we intend to educate over 10 million people in the next 10 years. We believe in providing borderless access to Blockchain Education. Your support of the BEN Learn Platform can help us get closer to that goal!
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