Crypto Fund

The BEN Intercollegiate Crypto Fund

The BEN Intercollegiate Crypto Fund is an initiative that aims to offer our student-members the opportunity to showcase their fundamental & technical prowess without the need for them to put up the capital risk. On April 22nd, our Crypto Fund Analysts launched the BEN Moon Fund ($BENMO) via TokenSets which exposes token holders to multiple industries seen within the DeFi economy.

Ben Delegates

Amplify the voice of our member chapters

The BEN Meta-Delegates want to amplify the voice of our member chapters without the hassle of acquiring voting power to do so. Via BEN’s Meta-Delegate, our members actively participate in internal discussions on expired, as well as ongoing, governance proposals along with deliberations regarding protocol improvements. As of now, BEN has established meta-delegate committees for: Uniswap, Compound, and Decentraland.
Faculty Network

BEN’s expansive faculty network is multi-faceted and disciplined within the complex cryptosphere.


Our committees are formed, organized, and fully-controlled by our student-members. We believe and support the vision(s) our members have regarding crypto & blockchain adoption and the best way to see the proliferation of their ideas is through communal efforts.

Career Center

BEN’s Career Center was created with the intention to give our members the guidance needed to step into the work-force with confidence and direction. Through this, we equip our members with: resume building workshops, internship and job opportunities, and occupation pursuit sessions.

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